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Yay Muppets is all I will say about this weeks strip. When I become a famous rock singer I want these guys for my band.
Before I become famous, infact at the end of the month I'll be heading up to the Whitby Goth Weekend for all the normal partying. This leaves to things to be said: Firstly, There won't be a strip that weekend as I won't be here to put it up and I'm not even going to contemplate methods by which I can do it from Whitby as I don't intend to have time. Second, if you will be at Whitby and you want a State of Anchovy T-shirt Whitby is the best time to get one because I'll be doing them at 10 a piece. Just E-mail me on and let me know what size and sleeves you want and then hunt me down with a tenner at Whitby. My picture is on the T-shirt page modelling it (Clue: I'm the one that's not a woman).
Since I could really do with some spare cash for Whitby I'm also selling the artwork from last weeks strip on Furbid so you can own a georgeous tiger on your wall and make an old artist very happy.
I would put up this weeks peice for sale but there are questions as to weather it's "Furry" (Which it has to be to go on furbid) and it almost certainly counts as Fan art and I've already had one auction removed for that (Woops) so If you Like this weeks strip and want to but the orrigonal art Email me with a reasonable bid and I'll concider it.
Two things I have got on to furbid without trouble are the two new charaters I'm going to be introducing in a couple of months by the names of Hanna and Shan. Get your first look at them and the orriginal charater pictures and a chance to by them click on the links in the last sentance. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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