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This sort of thing happens. You start a major series one week with a heavily furry theme, Spread the word to a wide array of furry groups in the hope of getting new readers and the following week gets spent helping my dad with newspaper deliveries. I get to read all the headlines, I get up in time to hear the today program and the week fills up with inspiration for enough topical gags to keep me going for months. The collection of politically incorrect shark jokes the conservatives forgot should keep as any jokes about Chinese can be transferred back to the pacific where they were probably first told (And that'll give me a nice excuse to try drawing in a Chinese style) most of my shark jokes are about Americans anyway which is good as no matter how derogatory a joke about Americans is it's not racist because their Americans. a lot of the spies bugging places jokes will keep till I can work them in to the spying bit of the Gregor strip that's coming up in a few months which leaves just two strips. You may get the other one next week, depends on my mood. If you would rather have cute kitty cats hang in there Gregor will be back soon.
I'm currently posting from a rather pitiful charge buy the minuet connection (That get's charged to somebody else) in the wilds of Suffolk so the Archive and the LJ Icons page will return in a week or so. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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