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I know it should have been more Gregor this week But then This Twat Starts Libeling one of my favorite birds (And if you didn't get this weeks strip you should be clicking that link) and I can't let that stand.

Now Guys a Little request. I notice from my weblogs that A lot of folk have images from this site on their sites and are just linking direct to here and scrounging my bandwidth to get them. I'm flattered I really am but your sucking my bandwidth so here's the deal. If you use my images and art you put a link from somewhere on that page to this site. for instance if you use the Anchovy T-shirts Icon bellow as a bit of cool decoration put a link to my T-shirt page. Hell, why not make it a link to my T-Shirt page that would be really cool of you. I figure that's fair (And if you don't I'll set the magpies on you).

Hey guess what page you get on top if you put "LJ Icons" in to Google? This one. Go ME. Enjoy The Anchovy.

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